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Males rights demonstrate exactly why relationship is so hard for men 

Why Are Guys So Bitter About Dating?

About two-in-ten (22%) say they feel at least some pressure from friends, while 31% say the same about family members and 37% say they feel society is pressuring them. As more Americans turn to online dating and the #MeToo movement leaves its imprint on the dating scene, nearly half of U.S. adults – and a majority of women – say that dating has become harder in the last 10 years. What will never change is that dating is simply about two people trying to see whether they can connect. If you are someone that the other person likes to be with and can feel a connection with, then no amount of dating standards can change that.

Your mental health and well-being comes first – always, always – but dating online is also not something you jump on and off of repetitively out of failure, disappointment, and frustration. In this sense, you have confused having a type with negative conditioning, and online dating will be the test of that. The dating focus is no longer about genuine connection or integrity. It’s not about finding someone grounded in themselves. Most people are artists these days – always trying to paint or mimic this ideal image of who they need or want someone to be.

Instead of thinking of what can go wrong, focus on what might go well. This is a step into getting the girl without losing yourself. Anxiety is like a huge black cloud hanging above your head and preventing you from just being yourself and having fun around people. But in the context of dating, it’s usually due to being rejected several times.

You should also feel like you can express your feelings without being shut down or ignored and vice versa. To have a harmonious relationship long-term, being with a woman who shares your future ambitions really helps. Shared laughter with a partner is one of the best medicines around. Even on a crappy day, if you know you’re going home to someone who makes you smile, the day always seems a little bit brighter.

After reading many of these forums, I’ve come to the conclusion that these social games tend to get in the way of real happiness and only serve to cause problems. The world would be a better place if people were more direct with each other. Also, when you look at the data from the online dating app Hinge I also referenced earlier, the top 1 percent of men received 16 percent of female likes. In addition, the bottom 50 percent of men got 4.3 percent of female likes. These stats are absolutely insane and blow any notion of equality in dating out of the water.

But the point isn’t to treat these events like a date ATM, it’s to broaden your social circle and build a network of folks you know. You may not meet the man of your dreams at the game store or the dance class… but you’ll make friends, build your network and increase the number of folks who you know. The more people you know and get close with, the more opportunities you have to meettheir friends too… including people who potentiallyare your perfect match. Our love/hate relationship with Tinder notwithstanding, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s a tried-and-true option when you feel like keeping things casual.

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