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Mens legal rights explain the reason why dating is so hard for men 

Why Dating Has Become So Hard

Ladies in her dating agency cannot find good men or any men where they live. The women are constantly ignored, mistreated, etc. Last year, I have witnessed an unknown Ukrainian man bumping into Elizabeth and a date and not apologizing to them at all.

I don’t believe in the whole “there’s someone out there for everyone” I think that’s just something people tell themselves for comfort so I know this is likely to be my game plan for the long foreseeable future. Another thing I noticed from sharing houses was just how many men I considered ok and reasonably attractive couldn’t get a girlfriend. And I wondered if I should feel bad especially if there were many men like me out there. And still, I think that relationships are overrated. Maybe it is just my nature, as I like to be alone, but I sometimes feel very tired of the fact that I have to do all my plans regarding another human being. They are establishing a career, travelling, and just enjoying the freedoms of not having a family.

Some didn’t bat an eye and disappeared once they knew I wasn’t going to take the bait – haha, joke’s on them. I even had guys message me, and right off the bat ask to meet for coffee, give me their number, or ask for mine prior to me even giving them a response. I wasn’t one to rush into anything, and I made that very clear early on. I waited weeks before simply exchanging numbers and setting a date to meet. Many also know they have a type that is wrong for them.

Let’s talk about the problem of meeting men in your city . Reno is a gambling mecca, and gambling requires more losers than winners, but after you’ve been dating a decade or two, any city can feel like it has more losers than winners. Several studies has shown that a relationship that has a longer courting time where two people like each other but haven’t taken the plunge into a romantic relationship yet has a better chance of lasting for a very long time. If you want to have a successful relationship with a dating potential, don’t commit to him, at least at the beginning. Don’t tell him that you’re falling for him or that you miss him. When he realizes that he’s made a deep impression on you, he’ll start taking it easy and call the shots instead of trying to woo you.

Cold approach will force you to see social dynamics. I’m also seeing the entitlement of university/college educated women skyrocketing to the point where they will pass on other university/college educated men in order to hold out for the dream guy, well into their 30s. I will mention here, that improving yourself will never be enough for these women, trust me, I’ve tried, it just doesn’t work. But let me sum this up for most men and men should rather hear the harsh truth than illusion of the light that does not exist at the end of the tunnel. Men if you arent getting any attention in real life then you are not going to any on the dating app. Only resources and social proof turns women on and nothing else period.

I put an enormous amount of emphasis on it in regard to my worth as a human being(much to my own frustration, but I can’t help it). Every day, I go to sleep convinced of how miserable I am, and that getting a girlfriend, any girl, really, would bring me happiness – at least for a while. Throw in the fact they often overlook women they aren’t attracted to, and only see the women they like being asked out all the time, they see the game as skewed in women’s favour. When really, a lot of women don’t get date offers from the kind of men they like, or are viewed as desperate for perusing the guys they do like. Or, they will only get asked out by guys they are uninterested in. Frankly, if dudes got asked out a lot by ladies they weren’t into, I think they’d stop spouting this nonsense about giving people a chance and anything is better than nothing.

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